Making story



  • Pure Cashmere NYC’s manufacturing technology operates a production line capable of weaving cashmere yarn exquisitely.

  • We manufacture top-quality cashmere products with OEKO-TEX and ISO 9001 certified yarn, and offer only carefully selected 100% pure cashmere. (Certification)

  • We produce cashmere yarns with consistent form and quality using our fully automatic knitting machine featuring Italian technology. (Spinning)

  • We own SHIMA SEIKI cashmere knitting machine imported from Japan that automatically knits by computer molding method when entering values into the computer. (Knitting)

  • On our team we have experienced experts with quality test skills inspecting the quality of the yarn. (Quality Control)

  • In PURE CASHMERE NYC, we own the technology to produce yarns of diverse colors matching Pantone color palettes. (Spectrum)