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Pure Story

Pure Cashmere NYC, a brand born from the aspiration to make high-quality clothes accessible to more people in an honest and transparent way. Pure Cashmere NYC is a professional cashmere brand founded in 2013 and based in New York City, the fashion capital of the world. Currently cashmere is widely popular since large retailers entered the market, but just 9-10 years ago, cashmere was the definition of the finest fiber and each sweater was worth between $400 to $500, making it hardly affordable.
So, Pure Cashmere NYC was born from the idea of making high-quality cashmere accessible to more people so that they can enjoy it daily during the cold winter of New York. Ideal for New York lifestyle that prioritize fashion and practicality, cashmere is 8 times warmer than wool but thinner and lighter, which makes it perfect for fast-paced and active New Yorkers.
In Pure Cashmere NYC, we proudly offers 100% pure cashmere, transparent price, and sustainable design focused in the pureness, and we are positioning as a leader in the cashmere market along with loyal fans.